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ChiefFly For Nokona

Dream Catcher

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Made for You
Order now and your product will be handcrafted and ready to ship to you in up to 6 weeks.
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Bison CalfSKN™
Game Ready
Break-in Required
Light Weight
Product Details

We are proud to present Dream Catcher as the Grand Finale item of this Nokona Art Auction! Revel in the beautiful detail of the Dream Catcher’s colorful feathers, intricate hoop and web, representing protection, positivity, and good luck. Designed and hand-painted by Arizona artist Jason Cabantoy of ChiefFly & Customs, this one-of-a-kind custom 11.5” is handcrafted with a combination of Nokona’s proprietary American Bison & Japanese CalfSKN™ leathers for a lightweight, structured glove with an easy break-in. Artwork was done with specialty leather paint and should withstand general use, but we cannot guarantee the durability of the painted artwork.

  • One-of-a-kind
  • Position: Infield
  • Adult
  • 11.5″ Pattern
  • I-Web
  • Open Back
  • American Bison & Japanese CalfSKN™
  • ~650g
  • One Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted with Pride in the USA
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Chieffly for Nokona
A structured, light-weight leather, Japanese CalfSKN™ is Nokona’s proprietary and leading high-performance leather. It is a Premium-Grade, top-of-the line, full-grain skin, with the tightest fibers and finest pores of any of our leathers. We carefully select the smallest available skins, and use a proprietary tanning process to yield a very tight grain. The result is an ultra-smooth and dense leather that is light weight with excellent memory retention, and minimal staking helps maintain the tight grain over time.
Similar in strength to our Steerhide leathers, American Bison has a distinct grain, and is flexible and soft, for easy break-in. Ideal for Select gloves, and for Adults who are looking for a durable, flexible, and easy-to-break-in glove. American Bison is also a light-weight performance leather.
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