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Nokona is proud to sponsor The Play Catch Movement™

Their mission is “to improve quality of life through the simple game of catch.” In addition to supporting their programs, Nokona is introducing Play Catch products and promotions to inspire you to get out and play catch!

The beauty of the Play Catch Movement™ is its straightforward accessibility, its immediate and long-term benefits for people of all parts of society, and that the simple act of throwing a ball creates connection between us, confidence within us, and joy among us.


There is no denying that it is the simple things in life

that often have the biggest impact. Many of us are fortunate to look back on our lives, and reminisce about the joy we had, the bonds we made, and the skills we learned while playing catch.

In recent years, our lifestyles have changed in ways that veer us away from seemingly simple, but certainly important, activities like playing catch. Some of us are over-scheduled, distracted by technology, and do not even consider engaging in an easy outdoor activity. And then, there are many children and adults who don’t have anyone to play catch with, or who just don’t get outside.

The Play Catch Movement is powered by YOU.

Grab a ball and a mitt, and play catch with your son or daughter. Toss a football with your neighbor. Bring your glove to the park, and throw around with a stranger.You can be part of the Movement by Playing Catch with a grandparent who may be delighted to connect with an activity from his or her past, or who may have never even had the chance to Play Catch. Even rolling a ball to a toddler is part of this Movement, as you will experience their glee and satisfaction. High-schoolers can Play Catch with youngsters in need through school problems, teachers can connect with their students by Playing Catch, patients with loved ones, and the list goes on.

To learn more about the Play Catch Movement™, the benefits of playing catch, and how you can get involved,


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You can have an impact by making that first throw, and you will clearly benefit from making all of those catches.

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