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Handcrafted Leather Goods

Nokona is founded on top-quality, handcrafted leather goods, starting in 1926 making small carry items and making our first ballgloves a few years later. Since 1934, in a small town called Nocona, Texas, our premium ballgloves have been handcrafted by skilled American workers, using the world’s highest quality leathers. Many of these people have dedicated their lives to producing the finest baseball and softball gloves, so that each and every glove can be used with great confidence and pride. Nokona gloves are individually cut, stamped, stitched, laced, and embroidered, which gives each one its own unique identity and feel. Nokona has maintained the same values throughout our rich history – quality, craftsmanship, innovation, integrity, and a commitment to our customers, employees, suppliers, and country. Today, we are harkening to our past with custom belts for use on the field and on the street called ShowBelts™, as well as a line of leather lifestyle items through Nokona Leather Goods. We are proud to put classic American workmanship into all of our products, using techniques that we have developed and refined for almost 100 years.

Nokona Leather Goods are cut from Nokona's Ballglove Leather Nokona Leather Goods are cut from Nokona's Ballglove Leather
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