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It’s November, and we are all getting ready for that Thanksgiving meal. What sports figure(s) would you LOVE to see at your table?

How about asking Cal Ripken Jr. about his incredible streak, while Derek Jeter shows you his collection of World Series rings? Will Brett Gardner hit the ceiling with a drumstick if the mashed potatoes are cold? Will Bryce Harper show up all swagged out? What do think of just chilling in front of a football game with Ken Griffey Jr., and hearing about his Hall of Fame induction? Set the scene, give us details, and show your creativity.

BONUS: As the family goes around the table giving thanks, what would your special sports guests say they are grateful for? …Good luck!

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Previous Contest Winner

  • October 2019
    Our October Winner is... Ty Webster from sunny San Diego, CA!

    2019 Contest Winner

    A senior at Mt Carmel High School, Ty plays shortstop and also pitches. He roots for the Washington Nationals, especially Trea Turner. And, he also has an AWESOME coach. Congrats as well to Coach Keith Johnson!

    October Question & Winning Response:

    Do you have a GREAT coach? Tell us how your coach has been a positive influence on you and your team. We'd love to hear a specific story!

    My high school coach, Coach Keith Johnson, has made a huge impact on our team. He was announced as our new Head Coach my junior year, following a year when the team only won 6 games. A lot of my teammates felt like we were going to have another terrible season, but in our first team meeting Coach Johnson walked in with extreme confidence. He picked up an Expo marker, and began writing all of the goals he had for us as a team. Among those goals was to win 18 games, and to win the Division Championship. My team was completely surprised by his confidence after the terrible year we had before. The season began, and we started off 0-3, but that didn't faze our coach. He pulled us aside and asked us if we liked losing, to which we responded, “No.” Then, he told us to write down what we had done right and what we needed to fix on a piece of paper to give to him tomorrow. After that day, he began to implement everything we wrote on the paper into our practice, and we started winning. We ended the season with 16 wins, and we made it to the Championship Game. No one at all expected us to go as far as we did. His confidence and coaching techniques helped us have our first successful season in years, and has given us seniors the confidence to work hard to have an even better year this year.

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