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Previous Contest Winner

  • May 2019
    Robert Beck from Bedford Hills, NY

    Our May winner is Robert Beck from Bedford Hills, NY! Robert grew up in Massachusetts, and says that his heart beats for the Red Sox. His primary positions are third base and shortstop, and his favorite players these days are Michael Chavis and Javier Baez. Congratulations, Robert!

    Winning Prize: An X2-200POP, from our X2™, along with Nokona Leather Treatment, Nokona hat, and a Tomahawk Glove Mallet

    Question: What is the biggest sports achievement in history? Part 1: Tell us why. Part 2: Tell us what inspires you about this achievement. ....Good luck!

    Winning Answer: The biggest achievement in sports history, when viewed in terms of pure grit and endurance, has to go to Cal Ripken Jr. He didn't just have a historic at-bat, or win a Gold Glove or World Series MVP… No – Cal didn't miss a day of work for more than SIXTEEN YEARS!!! Could you imagine that? 2,632 games...IN A ROW.

    The average career for a Major League baseball player is a little over 5 1/2 years...Cal did that like 3 times! Oh...and in that span he didn't miss 1 game...NOT ONE!!

    He won 2 MVP's, and made the All Star Team 19 times in his career. His fielding percentage was 0.977, more than 4100 put-outs, 2 gold gloves, 8 silver sluggers, 431 home runs, almost 3200 hits, and ended with a career batting average of .276.

    Ripken played through injuries, illnesses, years of late-season fatigue, fan criticism...He just grit his teeth and came to work THAT DAY. He didn't care about tomorrow's game, he cared about the game he had today.

    The Iron Man of Major League Baseball is a distinction likely to be associated with Cal for decades to come. This is inspiring as a ball player, as a working man, and as an American.

    Any time you feel like you can't go on, like you can't possibly work any harder, you just have to phone it in today, or take a couple of days off, you'd do well to think of Cal and his grit. Maybe it's not always pretty, but sometimes you just have to put your head down and get the job done. Cal didn't just show up for work, he showed up TO work.

    Cal once said "Stubbornness usually is considered a negative; but I think that trait has been a positive for me." I think as long as we're pointed in the right direction, we could all use a little stubbornness.

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