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Nominate your teammate! Pick a player from your squad who you think deserves a new Nokona because of their extraordinary qualities both on and off the field.  Be sure to explain why this teammate is the BEST, maybe even sharing a story or two. And, don’t worry, your teammate gets a glove, and you’ll also win a Nokona t-shirt of your choice. …Good luck!


Our September winners are Macie Strouth and her awesome teammate, Maddie Diamond! They play for the Tennessee Mojo ‘07 – Wilhoit, and have been on the field together for the past 5 years. Congratulations!

Winning Answer

I nominate my teammate Maddie Diamond. She is our third baseman. I play first base. I nominate her because she is the best teammate ever! She always cheers on everyone else on the team, on offense and defense. She is always chattering and encouraging everyone. She is also very tough. I would not want to be sliding into third, when the ball is coming her way. She is a very good player on defense and also good with her bat. We have turned so many double plays together. When I hit a home run, and go back to watch the video, she is always the first one out of the dugout to greet me at home plate. She always has a good attitude, no matter how the game is going – and, she never quits and never gives up. I really want her to win because I love my Nokona glove, and I want her to have one, too!

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