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September 2020


It’s time to nominate your coach! Do you have the Best Coach Ever? ….You do?

Let us know why, include a specific story or two, explain how your coach has impacted you, and WIN PRIZES for both you and your coach. GOOD LUCK!


Congratulations to Jared Delgado, our September Contest Winner! Jared is from Thorton, Colorado, plays Catcher, 3rd, 2nd, and Left for the Mountain West Diamondbacks…and he has an AWESOME coach. You inspire us, Coach Tony!

Winning Answer

The best coach I ever had was my club ball coach, Coach Tony. He has been my coach since I was 8, up until the last years of 14s, then led us on to high school, and now I’m a junior in high school. Once a year, Coach Tony still gets our team together from when we were 8 years old, and takes us to a tournament in Vegas so that we can all play together and catch up.

One of the stories I have with Coach Tony involves a rec team that one of his friends had. He asked if a couple of kids from our team could help his team whose kids happened to be from a less fortunate part of Colorado. When we got to the field, we were expecting a regular practice with a bucket of balls and everyone would have their own bats and gloves. However, there were kids there who were playing catch with a ball that didn’t have a cover – just the strings – and some kids were even playing catch with rocks. Half of the kids didn’t have a glove, and they all shared one bat. Coach Tony looked at us, saying “Go, play,” so we practiced with one ball with just the strings. On the way home, he reminded us how fortunate we are for what we have because most of the kids on our team have two gloves and two bats. This team had only one bat, and all of the kids who had a glove either got it from their Dad, were using one from then they were very little, or found it on the street. So, a couple of buddies and I got together, and we got as much as we could for this team. We got them a bucket of balls, and we asked other players if they had baseball equipment that they were no longer using, which allowed us to give these kids a whole bunch of stuff, from gloves to bats, cleats, helmets, and pants – they thought it was like Christmas!

Coach Tony has always taught me how lucky we are in life, to be thankful to our parents, and to be humble.

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