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OCTOBER 2022 – Parker Gibby, Provo, Utah


It’s time….for the World Series!

You have until OCTOBER 14th to makes these 5 predictions…and WIN!

1.  Who will be the two championship teams?
2.  How many games of 7 will be played in the Championship Series?
3.  Who will win?
4.  Who will be the MVP?
5.  Predict the final score of the final game!

Whoever comes the closest WINS….Good luck!


Congratulations to Parker Gibby of Provo, Utah for the closest prediction of World Series teams, series, winner and score. His entry detailed Astros vs. Phillies, with Astros winning in 6 games, 6-3. Bravo!

An Astros fan, Parker graduates this semester from BYU, and then starts his career in investment banking in…Houston!

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