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BOO! It’s Halloween season, and we are ready to be spooked! 

Share your scariest baseball story, with all of the details. Was there a ghost in the outfield, a spine-chilling accident, or maybe a hair-raising blunder? It can be a story you heard, experienced, or even…. a nightmare. Make us shudder the most, and you will WIN. Good luck!


Congratulations to Reed of Scottsdale, AZ – our October Contest Winner!

Winning Answer

Here’s his scary story…

I was 10 years old, playing catcher for the first time. 

I was already terrified of catching the ball when I heard a loud humming noise. Was it a crowd all making noise in unison, a gargantuan bug, or something entirely in my own head? As I sat in my stance, the humming got louder, and louder, and …louder. My palms began to sweat. Was I this afraid of catching a baseball? Maybe. 

My throat began to clench up, and I was positive I was the only one who could hear it. Then I saw the stares, at something above my head. Louder and louder, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Then, finally, with a point of his finger, my pitcher stared right above me, making me nervous to look up. 

With all the confidence I could muster, I turned in agony upward to see a helicopter directly above, headed right towards me. I yelled out in fear and ran to the dugout as the helicopter made its emergency landing right where I sat. I was eventually able to calm down, but I would never forget the fear I felt. That fear has kept me from catching to this very day.

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