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November 2023 – Henry Allen, Charleston, SC


Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving – it’s great to be grateful! 

Thinking back on the past year, what baseball experience, player, coach, or story inspired you, excited you, motivated you, or just plain made you happy? WHY are you thankful for that moment, and what impact has it had on you? Describe the baseball-related event, and why it sparks your GRATITUDE.


Our November Contest Winner is Henry Allen of Charleston, SC!

An avid Astros fan, Henry plays for the Island Boys 12U team, plays guitar and follows the NBA. Congratulations!

Winning Answer

As a 12-year-old Astros fan and baseball player, one particular moment from this year has brought me a ton of happiness and inspiration. It was when Jose Altuve, a player just like me in size, hit a home run to put our team ahead in Game 5 of the ALCS.

Watching Altuve’s incredible hit gave me a jolt of excitement and motivation. At 5’6”, Altuve is not a big guy, but that didn’t stop him from hitting the ball out of the park. It showed me that even though I may be small, I can still achieve great things with hard work and dedication.

Since that unforgettable moment, I’ve pushed myself even harder in practice. Altuve’s determination has made me want to improve my skills and become a better player. It’s also made me love baseball even more. 
Though the Astros ended up losing the series, it still gave me and thousands of other Astros fans something to think about. Altuve’s home run has had a lasting impact on me. It has inspired me to work harder, and believe in myself. I am truly grateful for that moment, as it has motivated me to follow in Altuve’s footsteps and chase my dreams on the field.

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