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NOVEMBER 2022 – Taylor Lambert, El Dorado, KS


Giving THANKS on THANKSgiving!

Who are you most grateful for in your baseball life? A parent, friend, teammate(s), coach, teacher, partner,…? Let us know who you appreciate and why, and share a story showing how they support-inspire-motivate you, on and/or off the field. …Good luck!


Our November Contest Winner is Taylor Lambert of El Dorado, KS!

Taylor plays softball for Pittsburg State University, mainly at second base, but she’s also a utility player. She loves spending time with friends & family, and roots for the Sooners, Chiefs, and – of course – Pitt State! She is very grateful for her amazing Dad…Congrats, Taylor!

Winning Answer

I am most grateful for my father in my softball life! He’s taught me everything I’ve needed to know, and has helped me through all of the ups and downs – from tee ball, all the way through college softball. He’s the most motivating person because he only ever wants the best for me.

My favorite memory/story would be in my junior year of college softball. I was having an amazing season, but I started to get into a slump one weekend, and I was super upset because it was my first weekend struggling this season. It seemed like it was happening in some of the most important games. So, after I was very upset and got home, I just sat out in my car and cried. I remember he came out there and sat in my car with me, and just talked me through it saying everything was going to be all good, and that the year I was having was outstanding. He talked about how proud he was of me, and that really helped me. It motivated me to get back out there, and start working hard to work out of this slump, and get back to playing how I play. I went on to finish having an amazing year for Pittsburg State University! Now, I’m going into my senior year with just as much confidence as last year because I know I have an amazing support system.

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