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It’s time to plan your dream baseball Thanksgiving dinner!

Tell us who you wish you could have at your feast, choosing anyone from the baseball world. Why would you want them? What would you ask them? What would they say they’re grateful for? BONUS: It’s a potluck! What do you think your special guest would bring for the meal, and why? 

…Show us your creativity – GOOD LUCK!m


Chan Oh of Redondo Beach, CA is our November Contest Winner! Chan plays 3rd Base, and roots for the Padres – especially Ha Seong Kim, Manny Machado, Tatis Jr. …Congratulations!

Winning Entry

I would love to have Ha Seong Kim from the San Diego Padres at my Thanksgiving Table. I have been his longtime fan since his years playing in South Korea – he was the number one shortstop in Korea. It was his first year in the Major League this year, and he survived. He may not have had the greatest bang as a rookie, nor did he get much play time, but he’s been putting in the hard work. 

I would ask him to break in my prize Nokona glove!! I’m very sure he’s thankful for the year of no injuries, as well as for his great teammates like Manny Machado and Tatis Jr., who he can learn a lot from. We all remember being a new member on a team and how tough it can be to adjust to a new environment.

At Thanksgiving, I would want to treat Ha Seong Kim to a big Korean family dinner for him to feel at home. If he’d have to bring something, it’d be a Korean spicy squid, because he’s got a Squid Game face on!!

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