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May 2024 – Landon Pucket, Sapulpa, OK

Our May Contest Winner is Landon Pucket of Sapulpa, OK!

A rising 4th Grader, Landon is a true Red Sox SUPERFAN, and he plays baseball, watches baseball, plays MLB The Show 24. Congratulations!

May Contest Question

Calling all baseball SUPERFANS! 

Do you know any? Are you one yourself? 

Give us the details of this amazing fandom, making sure to include: (1) Who is admired (a player, a team, the league in general?); (2) How it’s shown (game-watching, gear, memorabilia, knowledge?); and (3) Why they or you believe this player or team deserves such enthusiasm. BONUS: Submit an image or video to show this ultimate SUPERFANDOM. …Good luck!

Winning Answer

My name is Landon Pucket and my Dad and I are huge Red Sox fans, and think we are superfans. We love watching the Sox and try to catch every game they play on TV. We even got to go to Fenway Park last fall and see two games which was amazing. To be in Fenway was magical from the smell of the grass to singing Sweet Caroline, to eating a Fenway frank. We got there extra early to get in line for a Rafael Devers bobblehead (my favorite player on the team currently) and watched batting practice. When we got back to our seat, the Red Sox had placed a golden ticket on our seat which we traded in for a signed Casas baseball. It was an amazing night. I cannot wait to go back some time. 
We love the Red Sox so much that we even name our dogs after the team. We have a boxer named Fenway and a bulldog named Remy (or the late Jerry Remy). I always wear Red Sox shirts and jerseys and so does my Dad. We get up early every morning to watch MLB network and keep up with all the Red Sox news. The team isn’t always the best lately, but we still love them. We have such good talent on the team from Devers to Casas to Rafaela and many young players. Plus, the history of players like Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Mike Greenwell, Louis Tiant, Roger Clemons, Pedro Martinez, Big Papi, Pedroia, Varitek, Papelbon, Lester, and many others. No matter how they are doing in the standings, they all play hard and don’t give up. This helps me on my baseball team to focus, work hard, and not give up. My baseball number is 15 because I want to be like Dustin Pedroia. He played shortstop all the way up from Little League to the minors and so do I. I hope to hit lasers like him, too. He never took a play off, and so I do the same thing. Even if my hitting is not great, that day I work hard on defense or pitching to try and help me team. The same goes for practice, I try to be a dirt dog like Dustin and work hard all the time. 
Also, my Dad just built me a custom Red Sox bed. He hand-painted the scoreboard and made it to have my number as the pitcher. He even special ordered the exact green Monster Green paint that they use in Boston! Now I can put my favorite bobble heads on the top of the “Green Monster,” along with my signed baseballs from Johnny Pesky, Brayan Bello, and Casas. I also have an adopted Grandma who was Johnny Pesky’s niece, and she has given me and my Dad lots of Johnny Pesky memorabilia which is awesome. She always tells me stories of eating Sunday dinner with Johnny, Dom DiMaggio, Rico Petrocelli, and others. I wish I had been able to meet them and learn from the greats of a time past. 
I hope you can tell from this entry how much my dad and I love the Red Sox and consider us for the superfans. Thank you very much. Please see the attached picture to show you how much I love the red sox. It’s me standing next to Pesky’s Pole at Fenway. I wanted to send more pictures of my bed and more showing my Red Sox stuff but they wouldn’t fit. Let me know if you need or want to see more. I have lots more!

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