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MAY 2023 – Brittny Carter, Grosse Ile, MI 


May is for Mom!

Do you have the BEST baseball mom? Nominate your mother for ‘Nokona Mother of the Year’ by telling us why she deserves the title, and how she impacts your life – baseball and otherwise! Share a story, give us details, and improve your entry by including a pic. Good luck!


The Nokona Mom of the Year is Brittny Carter of Grosse Ile, MI – nominated by her son Vaughn, 9. CONGRATULATIONS!

Winning Answer

My mom should win the Nokona Mother of the Year contest because she is my #1 fan! I love my mom because she plays catch with me in the backyard and takes me to the batting cages. She is the scorekeeper and a Team Mom for our baseball team, and she cheers really loud at my games! She teaches me about sportsmanship and how to have a good attitude even when we lose. One time I struck out and I was sad but she hugged me and told me she was proud of me no matter what. 

My mom can do a million things at once. She works from home and still takes care of my baby brother and our family, makes pizza, and cleans my cat’s litter box which is gross. She also reads to me every night, helps me with my homework, and plays video games with me. She teaches me how to be a good friend and chew with my mouth shut.

I hope my mom wins the Nokona glove because I lost hers last year while playing at the park with my friends. She uses her high school glove instead, but she deserves a new one because that one is really old. She also loves surprises! One time she surprised me with tickets to a Tigers game! We took our golden retriever Alex too, because it was Bark in the Park night. Alex and I ate hot dogs and popcorn and it was so much fun. Even if my mom doesn’t win Nokona’s Mother of the Year contest, she is still Mom of the Year to me. Thank you.

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