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MAY 2022 – Jo Schilling, Muenster, TX


Is yours the BEST?

May is all about moms! Nominate your mother for ‘Nokona Mother of the Year’ by telling us why she deserves that title, and how she has impacted your ball-playing life. Details matter, so share a story, and improve your entry by including a pic. We can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing moms out there. Of course, Mom wins a gift, too! Good luck!


Nokona’s Mother of the Year is….Jo Schilling of Muenster, TX! A mom of four, and nominated by both of her baseball-loving sons, Zec and Zyden, Jo is busy playing catch, training, driving, doing laundry, hosting team parties, pumping up the music, encouraging, cheering, and “making sure everyone is feeling happy!” CONGRATULATIONS!

Winning Answer

May Winner 2022 Zec

From Zec, age 11:
Why my mother deserves the Nokona Mother of the year. She gets dressed in catchers gear so I can go out and pitch to her. She uses a Nokona catcher’s glove that her mom used to use. She goes out to play catch with me, and she goes and lets me hit, field, do pop-ups, while she is correcting me on everything. 
She buys Mother’s Day shirts for all my teammates to wear, parents, and siblings of friends and family. She orders trading pins for the World Series and makes sure it’s just right. She plans out parties after or before tournaments. She makes sure everyone is feeling happy. 
How my mom impacts my ball playing life: She always makes sure I have pitching lessons, a ride, the time for baseball practice, the right days, to make sure we get there on time. 
She planned the Nokona factory tour for my whole team. She made sure everyone who wanted to go had a ride, and took some people who didn’t have a ride. She also runs Game Changer for me and my siblings. She has to make sure she has phones, phone chargers, and even has to do it while other people can’t do it. 
It doesn’t matter if we do bad or good, she doesn’t care unless I have a bad attitude, bad body language, and didn’t give any effort to make a play. No matter if we win or lose we usually go out for ice cream. She is never mad at me for making a mistake. 
She always takes care of me when I am sick. She also makes the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

May Winner 2022 Zyden

From Zyden, age 8:
My mom is the best because she puts on pump-up music before my baseball games. She makes sure we didn’t leave anything behind. She always makes sure we get to our games. She makes it where we are never late to practice or games. My mom has 4 kids and she still makes it all happen. My mom is the best because she lets me be on 3 teams. 
She videos my games, and does Game Changer. Sometimes she has to use 2 or 3 phones at the same time just to get it all done. She never complains. She also uses her big camera to take pictures of me. She even made me a poster.
My mom plays catch, I pitch to her, I bat with her, she helps me field. She tells me stuff that I am doing wrong and she will always do that.
She also cleans my jerseys when they are dirty. Especially red dirt on my white pants. She doesn’t care if we lose or win she just cares if I did my best. My mom helped me when I lost my cap and it wasn’t even in the house. It was on our back porch under a grill. 
She always gets me ice cream after my games. She gives me everything I need to stay healthy. These are the reasons why she should be the Nokona Mother of the Year!

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