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May 2021


Part 1: What ballplayer is the Greatest Of All Time? Include a thorough explanation of your choice – we need to know why in order for you to win!
Part 2: What current player do you predict has the greatest chance of being considered the G.O.A.T. in the future? Tell us why.
Good luck!


Mike is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served with 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines. Now he is a busy baseball Dad, coaching the Redwings, his son’s 10U team. Nokona is proud to thank Mike for his service!

Winning Answer

Greatest of all time?….Willie Mays!

Up-and-coming-GOAT?…Shohei Ohtani!

Full Answer:

1. The greatest baseball player of all time can be one of many choices. For me, that choice is Willie Mays. He was one of the most well-rounded players to ever play the game. From his start in the Negro league to his rise to the top of the majors, Willie worked hard to get to the top. He served his country in the Korean War, and even with these two years away from the game, he was still able to play for 22 years. He won numerous accolades, including Rookie of the Year, NL MVP, Gold Gloves, a batting title, 24 All-Star appearances, and a World Series Championship, just to name a few. Beyond his on-field accomplishments, he was also elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Willie Mays put together one of the greatest careers ever, not just in baseball. He will be remembered for all eternity, and is role model for many younger players, including my children.

2. The future GOAT for me is Shohei Ohtani. For someone to be a true two-way player in today’s game, and to be really good at it, is almost unheard of. Not since the great Babe Ruth have we seen a player like Shohei. He is still young and has room for improvement, which only solidifies him as a future GOAT. I look forward to watching his career, and hope it inspires other kids to try the same. It will only make the Great American Pastime that much better

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