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MARCH 2023 – Paul Xeno, Fremont, CA


Happy Spring Training – a famous time for baseball. And pranks

We’ve heard the stories: Ken Griffey Jr. putting an actual cow in the Mariners’ manager’s office because he owed Piniella a steak dinner; Kyle Kendrick fooled into believing he was being traded to Japan – fake press conference and all; Trout’s personal phone number being displayed on the scoreboard. The list goes on.

What prank has your team played on each other, or even on your coach? What was their reaction? GOOD LUCK!


Our March Contest Winner is…Paul Xeno of Fremont, CA! Paul is a pitcher for Ohlone College, roots for the Cubs, and can play quite the prank!

Winning Answer

A bunch of us on the team decided to play a prank on our second basemen, who was always very particular about his sunflower seeds. His go to seeds were David Original, he would always keep the seeds in the bottom of his bag.

One practice, while he was warming up playing catch, we opened the bag of seeds and replaced them with roasted crickets. We resealed the bag and put it back, waiting for him to discover the switch.

When our second basemen came back and found the bag of seeds, he eagerly opened it and put at least 10 crickets in his mouth, but immediately spat them out in disgust. “What the hell?!” he exclaimed. “What Are These!”We couldn’t help but burst out laughing, revealing the prank. He was initially angry but couldn’t help but laugh along with us once he realized what had happened. From that day on, he made sure to keep a closer eye on his seeds!

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