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June 2020


There’s no crying in baseball. But, we miss our games, our teams, our players, and our ballparks!

Tell us what you are MOST EXCITED to do when America’s pastime is back in play.

BONUS: Let us know what you’re doing these days to keep your love of baseball going!


CONGRATULATIONS to Jace Peterson of Yuba City, CA for winning our June Contest! Jace is a Junior at Sutter Union High School, and plays First Base, Third Base, and Catcher. A life-long Giants and Packers fan, he admires All-Star player Buster Posey, and he seems to live for America’s pastime!

Winning Answer

Ever since my JV season was ended short after the start, I haven’t been able to get the nostalgic thoughts of the fresh cut grass in the outfield, the perfectly straight lines in the batter’s box, or the rush of adrenaline you get when you step onto that field, out of my mind. Baseball hasn’t just been my life – it’s been a part of me in every way. I literally live and breathe baseball. I’m most excited to get back on the field with my brothers, or as the school calls it, teammates. The energy when we come together is so unbreakable you would have thought we have been playing ball with each other since we could throw a ball, run the bases, and swing a bat. There is honestly no way to get such a sport out of your head. I honestly think that’s how all of us baseball players feel when we have the privilege to play the game we all love every week. I give all who have entered in this competition good luck, and from player to player a great start to your next baseball season.

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