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February 2020


February is the month of love & friendship & admiration. Write a note to that amazing person in your life who you appreciate, who supports you as you pursue your (baseball) dreams, and then share it with the world! This could be anyone – a coach, a parent, a sibling, a “special friend,”…you get it. Let that person know specifically what they do that makes you so grateful! Maybe you’ll both win a prize…..GOOD LUCK! 


CONGRATULATIONS to Lorin Sapp, our February winner! A second-grader from Lenexa, Kansas, Lorin plays for the Building Champions 9U AAA baseball team. He is a huge Royals fan, Eric Hosmer is his favorite player, and he is especially grateful for his amazing mom! 


My name is Lorin Sapp. I am almost 9 years old and live in Kansas and love to play baseball every day. I play 9U AAA baseball in Kansas City. My dad told me about a contest so I am writing a note about who I appreciate the most. I want to thank my coaches for spending so much time with me and my teammates. I want to thank my sister for always hitting me grounders and teaching me how to drop step. I want to thank my Dad for always taking me to practice and batting cages. But most of all, I want to thank my Mom Kristine because she supports me the most. She is always there to play catch with me. She gets excited to take me to the park and hit fly balls to me. She takes me to the batting cages even if they are about to close and hurries there. My Mom sometimes gets mad about money, but always makes sure I have what I need and can keep playing with my team even though it cost so much. She practices with me anytime I need her and she is always at my games. I hope I can play in the MLB someday and if I do I want my Mom to know that she helped me so much. If I win a contest for a glove I want to give it to my Mom so she can keep playing catch with me. Her glove is old from high school and always says it’s too floppy! Mine is only a little floppy. Thank you Mom!

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