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February 2021


Our February Contest Winner is….Scott Miner II, a 6th grader from Omaha, NE!

Scott attends St. Vincent de Paul, plays baseball [catcher & infield], football [QB & LB], and soccer [midfielder]. This BUSY guy wants to thank all of his coaches, teammates, family, and friends on the Roncalli Jr Pride Football Team (Coach Chris Retallick), Ultimate Baseball Academy (UBA), Gladiator Platinum Baseball Team (Coach Austin Lunn), Omaha Viper Baseball Team (Coach Patrick Dumas), and Evolution Soccer Club (Coach Jim Arrick) for their constant support. CONGRATS, Scott!

February Contest Winner Scott Miner II

Winning Answers

Question 1 – Name a professional athlete, and who you’d like to see interview them:
Jackie Robinson interviewed by President Obama

Question 2 – Tell us why!
In honor of Black History Month, I would like to see what Mr. Robinson would think of how his on the field actions and off the field sacrifices changed today’s world. Would he be happy with not only baseball but America and where we are at? President Obama would be a great person to do the interview, and Mr. Robinson because he helped progress not only baseball but society as a whole, and laid a foundation to allow for President Obama to become our former President of the United States.

Question 3 – List the top 5 questions that should be asked.
1. Mr Robinson, who inspires you on the baseball field and off the baseball field?
2. Mr Robinson, what is your greatest accomplishment in life?
3. Mr Robinson, who was your favorite baseball Coach and why?
4. Mr Robinson, what is your favorite part of practice, and what part of practice do you not like?
5. Mr Robinson, what if I told you I was the President of the United States of America? What is your first thought that comes to mind? And what if I told you I was a good basketball player, too?

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