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Feb 2024 – Keelee Hagler, Columbia, MO

Keelee Hagler from Columbia, MO is our February Contest Winner! 

Keelee is a pitcher, softball is her passion, and her greatest supporter is her Dad. Congratulations!

February Contest Question

February is the month of love! Write a note to one extraordinary person in your life who supports you as you pursue your baseball/softball dreams, and express your appreciation for them. This could be anyone – a coach, a parent, a sibling, a teammate, a friend. Let that person know specifically what they do that makes you so grateful. Maybe you’ll both win a prize…..GOOD LUCK!

The Winning Answer

My biggest supporter is my Dad. He has been coaching me since I played T-ball. Even though we sometimes butt heads, I know ultimately that he is always trying to help me fulfill my dream of playing softball in college. In 2022, my dad coached our Little League softball team at the Central Region LLSWS. He helped our team win the regional championship, and we got to play in Greenville, NC at the LLSWS. Getting to play on TV in front of the whole US is an experience I will never forget – my Dad helped us accomplish something we only dreamed of. He works with me 5-7 nights a week being my catcher or throwing me BP. Any time I ask him to help, he never hesitates. He loves the game so much, and helps other girls all the time. He will go help a team at practice if they need him or throw in a bullpen for batting practice for hours for other girls. I may not always let him know, but I am very lucky to have him in my life.

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