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December 2023 – Bennett Klitzke, Waconia, MN


Santa Claus is coming to town! Thinking back on the 2023 baseball year, who has been naughty, and who has been nice?
Part 1: Tell us who you’d add to the Naughty List, who to the Nice List, and why – any athlete, team, coach, or baseball personality – famous or not!  
Part 2: What should they get in their stockings?
Good luck!


Our December Contest Winner is Bennett Klitzke of Waconia, MN!


Winning Answer

Naughty List: Jose Abreu (Astros) 

Why? He slaughtered my MN Twins in the 2023 playoffs. 

Nice List: Luke Keaschalll (ASU Sun Devils/MN Twins) 

Why? Last May, I traveled from MN to Arizona State University to see my sister graduate college. While there, my Mom & Dad took me to the ASU vs Stanford baseball game. Pre-game, I bought a custom Luke Keaschall ASU jersey – they made it for me at the stadium. I put the jersey on, walked to my seats, and Luke Keaschall just happened to be standing next to the railing right by my seat. He saw my jersey, signed it and took a picture with me. I had my Nokona glove, too. 

Best part is, Luke Keaschall was drafted by MN Twins in last summer’s MLB draft, and I’m from MN!

What’s in their stockings?

Abreu’s Stocking: Black licorice because it’s the worst candy on planet, and a hand fan to cool him off in the batter’s box next time he plays my Twins.

Keaschall’s Stocking: Some Nokona NLT Conditioner. Me and my Dad think it’s the best stuff made, and he can use it on his infield glove. Also, because my 12U baseball team is playing in Cooperstown next Summer. I’d put my team pin in his stocking, too.

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