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December 2020


It’s official – the holiday season is here! Thinking back on the past year in sports, who has been naughty and who has been nice? Part 1: Tell us who you’d add to the Naughty List, who to the Nice List, and why – any athlete, any team, anyone in sports! Part 2: What should they get in their stockings?

….Let’s see your creativity! Good luck!


Rylan Renowden is our December Contest Winner! A softball player since she was 5, Rylan is on a 14U club team, and her ultimate goal is to play college ball in Florida. She attends Higley High School in Gilbert, AZ, and plays third base, shortstop, and center field. …Go, Rylan! 

December Contest Winner

Winning Answer

The first person I would put on the Nice List is my club coach. When I approached my coach about joining his team, he told me it was full and informed me that I would not make the team. I sent him a text message asking for him to consider giving me a chance to prove myself. He gave me a chance, and now I have been on this team for over a year and loved each and every day. I currently lead the team in batting average, stolen bases, and triples; while being the starting 3rd baseman. In his stocking, I would give noise-canceling headphones because I know 13 teenage girls cheering can get quite annoying.

On the Naughty List would be Covid because it shut everything down, made life extremely difficult, made many lose their jobs/businesses, and many lost family/friends. We were stuck in our homes and could not play the sport we love. For me specifically, I lost out of a semester of in-person school while not being to practice or even see my softball team who is like my family for almost 6 months. So, naturally, Covid 19 will be on the Naughty List this year. In Covid’s stocking, there would be socks and underwear as that is a Christmas gift nightmare. The disappointment you have is similar to the disappointment many of us felt this year.

Someone on the Nice List would be Nolan Arenado. He is a gold glove 3rd baseman, but he does not let that get to his head. Despite being great, he continuously strives to get better. All the while he does not demand to be traded to the best team, he just plays his best each time he is on the field and helps lead his team to as many victories as possible. I strive to emulate both his outstanding fielding and hitting results, while keeping the same mental mentality that he showcases day in and day out. In his stocking, I would put an opportunity to play in the World Series as he deserves one from all the hard work he has put in.

The final person going on the Naughty List is home plate umpires. I am a speedy, aggressive runner on the base path and love to surprise teams by stealing home. Stealing home is not easily done and rarely occurs when playing softball and therefore many umpires are not ready for someone to attempt the challenge. Occasionally I have been called out at the plate due to umpires not being in the best position to watch the play. In reality I was easily safe but by the time they realized the play was happening it was already over and therefore they just assumed I was out. In their stocking would be a chia pet. That way they have an excuse to not be alert and ready for the play at home because they were tending to his new plant.

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