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August 2021


Report Cards in August? Yes! It’s time to grade the trade-deadline moves!

Pick a team that deserves an A+, and a team that gets an F for their trades. Be sure to explain WHY – name players, make your predictions, and even share what you would have done. …Good luck!


Our August Contest Winner is Garrett Gagnon of Braintree, VT – Congratulations!

A 2020 graduate of Pine Manor College in Boston, Garrett played four years of DIII college baseball and is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Forever a ball player, Garrett’s next move is in acting – look out for him on the big screen!

August Winner of the Nokona Contest

Winning Answer

My A+ team is the less than shining Philadelphia Phillies, and their slept-on acquisitions.

First, Mr. Kyle Gibson: The modern-day Derek Lowe, a sinkerballer who will eat innings and ALWAYS keeps the ball off the middle of the plate. He’ll go deep as he can into games, and will keep their struggling bullpen tucked away in the outfield for longer. People do not realize what an impact move this was for those Phillies, as they creep up that ladder in the NL East. Next, Ian Kennedy: The majority of baseball fans saw this pickup and thought “Ian Kennedy? That guy is still chucking?” Yes. He is. And that’s not a coincidence. This guy is perhaps the greatest anomaly that remains in a game of radar guns and blazing velocity. He’s in his second decade of MLB baseball throwing 80% four-seam fastballs… at 91 to 95 MPH! The guy makes his living off the ole STRAIT Ball. Hitters know it is coming, and still can’t touch it, that’s how effectively this man spins a baseball out of the hand. If I were to receive a one-on-one pitching lesson from any MLB arm, I’d strongly consider Ian Kennedy. I really on my breaking ball, so it’s the slowball that I want to figure out how to get away with. These two underrated moves alone are enough for me to give the Phillies an A+, as they bolstered much needed pitching depth. Watch out for them.

My F- goes to a legit contender and brilliant baseball club: The Chicago Cubs. When you receive a cross-town rivals electric closer to lead your bullpen, it’s easy to be excited. It is also easy to overlook what was given up. In this case, his name is Nick Madrigal. While I have no doubt that Craig Kimbrel’s playoff experience and poise will benefit the ChiSox in 2021, they WILL watch Nick Madrigal put up consistently mind-boggling numbers on the north side of the city for years and years to come. Nick Madrigal is your retired high school coach’s model of the perfect player. He hits the ball, and he hits it right back up the middle. This kid may never have a season hitting below .300 again once he’s healthy. He just flat-out squares up that round little ball for average. And while the White Sox bullpen sure looks nasty, I am sure they will rue the day they made this move.

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