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APRIL 2024 – Blake Osbourne, Columbus, IN

Congrats, Blake! A pitcher for Columbus North High School!

April Contest Question

Baseball season is back, and it’s time to make your case.
Which team has the BEST mascot? Share at least three reasons why they’re #1!
Bonus: Is there a team in need of an updated mascot? What should it be? Why? Give us details, and your great ideas. Good luck!

Winning Answer

Determining the “best” MLB mascot is subjective, but the San Diego Padres’ mascot, the Swinging Friar, is often praised for several reasons:

1. Unique Representation: The Swinging Friar stands out among MLB mascots with its distinctive representation of a Franciscan friar, paying homage to the city’s Spanish heritage.

2. Engaging Interactions: The Swinging Friar engages fans with entertaining antics and interactions during games, adding to the overall fan experience.

3. Cultural Connection: The mascot’s connection to the city’s culture and history resonates with fans, fostering a sense of pride and identity among Padres supporters.

As for a team in need of a new mascot, the Miami Marlins could benefit from a more engaging and iconic mascot. Given the city’s vibrant marine life and culture, a fitting choice might be a colorful and energetic sea creature, such as a dolphin, to better represent the team and connect with fans. A new mascot could inject excitement and enthusiasm into Marlins games, enhancing the fan experience and boosting team spirit.

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