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APRIL 2023 – Alex Whiddon, Madisonville, LA


Imagine if you could add any one professional to your team – player or coach!
…Who would it be? …Why? …What would you say to persuade them to join? …Good luck!


Congrats to Alex Whiddon of Madisonville, LA – our April Contest Winner! Alex goes to St. Peter’s Catholic School, and plays 2nd base and pitcher for Team LA 9U travel team. When not playing baseball, he collects Pokémon, does karate, swims, and roots for the Braves and LSU. …Go, Alex!

Winning Answer

I would pick my Daddy’s favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr. I think he is the one of the best baseball players that has played the game. I strive to play like he did. I currently play outfield and second base for Team LA. Team LA is my 9U travel baseball team. My Daddy and hitting coach use his videos to help me perfect my swing. Ken Griffey Jr.’s swing was perfect and so relaxed, yet he hits every step-in swing perfectly. 

If I had the chance to meet Ken Griffey Jr., I would want my Daddy with me, and I would let him know how much I look up to him. I would ask him to join our team so he could help not only me but my team become a better all-around baseball player. You are a great role model and I know that everyone will look up to you and listen to your advice. This would help us 9U players develop and get more skills and playing time.

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