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April 2021


Baseball is baaaack! You may not make it to a game, but you’ll definitely watch or listen – and your experience will surely be affected by the announcer. Who is your favorite baseball announcer? It can be local or national, club, high-school, or pro games. Give us at least 3 reasons why they’re the best. AND, include a memorable quote or moment attributed to them….Good luck!


Congratulations to Ayden Hughes, our April Contest Winner!

Ayden is a pitcher for the Ursinus College Bears in Collegeville, PA, and roots for all Philadelphia teams. Makes sense that his favorite announcer is the legendary Harry Kalas. “ITS OUTTA HEEERE!”

Winning Answer

While he is no longer announcing, my all-time favorite announcer is the late, great Harry Kalas. As a lifelong Phillies fan, I had the pleasure of growing up during the tail end of his career, and I’ll never forget every time any Phillie such as Ryan Howard, Chase Utley or Jimmy Rollins went yard, I always heard the iconic “ITS OUTTA HEEERE.” My brothers and I used to mimic that call in the backyard during some of the most intense games of our lives, even though it was just wiffle ball back then.

My all-time favorite memory with Harry was when I was a kindergartener, and got to stay up late to watch Game 5 of the 2008 World Series, and I heard the legendary words “Swing and a miss! STRUUCK HIM OOOUUT! The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of Baseball!” That moment made me fall in love with baseball, the game I’m still blessed to be playing to this day.

To recap, the 3 reasons he’s the best: his iconic voice and calls; the impact he had on all Phillies fans around the world; and the fact that his voice and those moments were what made me fall in love with this beautiful game. RIP Harry, thank you for everything.

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