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APRIL 2024 – Blake Osbourne, Columbus, IN

April Contest Winner

Congrats, Blake! A pitcher for Columbus North High School! April Contest Question Baseball season is back, and it’s time to make your case.Which team has the BEST mascot? Share at least three reasons why they’re #1!Bonus: Is there a team in need of an updated mascot? What should it be? Why? Give us details, and your great Read More

Mar 2024 – Jaxon Pickens, Stillwater, OK

March 2024 Nokona Contest Winner

Congratulations to Jaxon Pickens of Stillwater, OK – our March Contest Winner! March Contest Question A two-parter for Opening Day! Share your favorite Opening Day memory. What would your *dream* 2024 Opening Day look like? Give us the DETAILS. Where are you? Who’s playing? Who’s with you? What happens? …Good luck! Winning Answer My favorite Read More

Feb 2024 – Keelee Hagler, Columbia, MO

Feb 2024 Contest Winner

Keelee Hagler from Columbia, MO is our February Contest Winner!  Keelee is a pitcher, softball is her passion, and her greatest supporter is her Dad. Congratulations! February Contest Question February is the month of love! Write a note to one extraordinary person in your life who supports you as you pursue your baseball/softball dreams, and express your appreciation Read More

Jan 2024 – Eamon Burke of Helena, MT

Jan 2024 Contest Winner

Congratulations to Eamon Burke of Helena, MT – our January Contest Winner! Contest Question Happy 2024! Let’s start the New Year off with a debate: What is the toughest position in baseball? Why? Defend your perspective, and give an example of the greatest athlete to have played that position. Good luck! The Winning Answer I Read More

December 2023 – Bennett Klitzke, Waconia, MN

December Contest Winner

Question Santa Claus is coming to town! Thinking back on the 2023 baseball year, who has been naughty, and who has been nice?Part 1: Tell us who you’d add to the Naughty List, who to the Nice List, and why – any athlete, team, coach, or baseball personality – famous or not!  Part 2: What should they get in their stockings?Good luck! Read More

November 2023 – Henry Allen, Charleston, SC

November Contest Winner

Question Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving – it’s great to be grateful!  Thinking back on the past year, what baseball experience, player, coach, or story inspired you, excited you, motivated you, or just plain made you happy? WHY are you thankful for that moment, and what impact has it had on you? Describe the baseball-related Read More

October 2023 – Katie & Cory Cain, Keystone Heights, FL

Katie & Cory Cain of Keystone Heights, FL

Question Ballgloves are more than baseball. Do you have a treasured ballglove with a special meaning to you? A family heirloom? A well-used mitt that’s part of your baseball/softball story? Tell us all about that glove, why it means so much to you, and share a photo. Good luck!  Winner Congratulations to Katie & Cory Cain of Keystone Heights, Read More

September 2023 – Sam Baker, Noblesville, IN

Question Imagine if you could add one pro to your team – a player or coach from any era! Good luck! Winner Our September Contest Winner is…Sam Baker from Noblesville, IN. Sam is in 9th Grade, plays first base for the Noblesville High School Millers, and roots for the Detroit Tigers. CONGRATULATIONS! Winning Answer If I could draft Read More

August 2023 – Jet Fisher, Jenks, OK

Question You practice, train, compete, and might even travel with your teammates – the chemistry on your squad matters! Camaraderie, communication, and trust are essential for winning. What great team-building activities has your team done to build those connections? Give us details, and maybe a specific story showing how it impacts your on-field success….and your Read More

JUNE 2023 – Jack Gazdacka, Elmhurst, IL

Question What is the BEST BASEBALL CITY in the world? Give us at least 3 good reasons, and explain why it deserves the title. …Good luck! Winner Our June Contest Winner is… Jack Gazdacka of Elmhurst, IL!  Jack is a pitcher and utility player for Ottawa University Arizona, and enjoys hiking and reading when he’s not Read More

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