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May 2021

Question G.O.A.T.Part 1: What ballplayer is the Greatest Of All Time? Include a thorough explanation of your choice – we need to know why in order for you to win!Part 2: What current player do you predict has the greatest chance of being considered the G.O.A.T. in the future? Tell us why.Good luck! Winner Mike is a United States Read More

April 2021

Question Baseball is baaaack! You may not make it to a game, but you’ll definitely watch or listen – and your experience will surely be affected by the announcer. Who is your favorite baseball announcer? It can be local or national, club, high-school, or pro games. Give us at least 3 reasons why they’re the best. AND, Read More

February 2021

February Contest Winner Scott Miner II

Winner Our February Contest Winner is….Scott Miner II, a 6th grader from Omaha, NE! Scott attends St. Vincent de Paul, plays baseball [catcher & infield], football [QB & LB], and soccer [midfielder]. This BUSY guy wants to thank all of his coaches, teammates, family, and friends on the Roncalli Jr Pride Football Team (Coach Chris Read More

January 2021


Question Get your popcorn ready – it’s showtime! What baseball/softball story, team, or personality has not yet made it to the screen, but should? What should the series or movie be called?  Who should star in it? Let us know the plot, main characters, supporting roles, as well as other details. …We can’t wait to Read More

December 2020

December Contest Winner

Question It’s official – the holiday season is here! Thinking back on the past year in sports, who has been naughty and who has been nice? Part 1: Tell us who you’d add to the Naughty List, who to the Nice List, and why – any athlete, any team, anyone in sports! Part 2: What should they get in their Read More

November 2020

Question Thanksgiving season has arrived. It’s great to be grateful….even in sports! Thinking back on the past year, what sporting event (a game, or a series, or a specific play) or athlete inspired you, excited you, motivated you, or just plain made you happy? WHY are you thankful for that moment? Describe the sports event Read More

September 2020

Question It’s time to nominate your coach! Do you have the Best Coach Ever? ….You do? Let us know why, include a specific story or two, explain how your coach has impacted you, and WIN PRIZES for both you and your coach. GOOD LUCK! Winner Congratulations to Jared Delgado, our September Contest Winner! Jared is Read More

July 2020

Question Playing catch connects us to family, friends, teammates, neighbors, and even strangers. Step 1: Share a play-catch story, or tell us how playing catch has impacted you. Step 2: Follow @playcatch2 on Instagram We want to be inspired! Follow link in bio to submit your entry. …Good luck! Winner Matthew Revels from Reno, NV is Read More

June 2020

Question: There’s no crying in baseball. But, we miss our games, our teams, our players, and our ballparks! Tell us what you are MOST EXCITED to do when America’s pastime is back in play. BONUS: Let us know what you’re doing these days to keep your love of baseball going! Winner CONGRATULATIONS to Jace Peterson of Yuba Read More

May 2020

Question: Nominate your mother for ‘Nokona Mother of the Year’ by telling us why she is the BEST, and how she has impacted your life. Details matter, so share a story.  Improve your entry by including a pic. Of course, the winning mother will win a great prize. We can’t wait to hear about all Read More

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