Care Tips

Breaking in your Nokona.

When you purchase a Nokona, you have selected the best glove made. Nokona's select glove leathers are easy to break-in, but may still take time. When getting your glove ready, we suggest that you play catch and break-in your glove naturally. This will allow your glove to form a natural pocket around your hand. You may be familiar with different methods and 'quick fixes' to shortcut the break-in period. Unfortunately, we have seen the sad results of many of these over the past 80+ years,our classic glove conditioner, with the break-in. You may also use Nokona Leather Treatment (NLT).

Breaking in and Caring for your Nokona.

  • We recommend that you breakin your glove naturally, by playing catch. This will allow your glove to form a natural pocket around your hand.
  • For quicker break-in, we recommend using our classic glove conditioner, Nokona Leather Treatment (NLT), which we have been using for over 60 years. We swear by it - we've seen the results of many touted oils, but none stand up to our formula. Nokona Leather Treatment
  • NLT is best applied by rubbing a small amount with your hands or a cloth into every area of the glove, including the laces. If applied properly, NLT will not soak through to your glove’s padding like other glove oils in the market.
  • To clean your glove, vigorously rub the surface with a clean cloth and NLT. Just as you would treat your skin when dry, retreat your glove as needed.