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“Made in Texas”

Everything is bigger and better in Texas. Nothing rings truer than the “Made in Texas” ballglove series.

This Nokona classic is made of rigid Sandstone leather on the outside of the glove providing the rigidity and firmness top athletes demand and enjoy in order to shape and form the fingers and pocket to their preference. The palm of the glove is composed of premium-grade, full-grain steerhide, sourced from American ranchers and tanned to our long-standing specifications. Our Buckskin Stampede™ is infused with proprietary oils and waxes for a soft and pliable, yet dense feel. Specifically, this combination of Sandstone and Buckskin Stampede™ leather is intentionally constructed to maintain and keep its form no matter its repeated use. In addition to both leathers, lacing is the staple Nokona red, along with Nokona’s classic patch on the wrist.

The glove can be loosened or tightened at the thumb, pinky and wrist in order to meet everyone’s desired fit.  This series comes in either 11.5 or 12 inches, and both models come with modified trap. The “Made in Texas” ballglove ages well, especially when using Nokona’s Leather Treatment.  This glove is a perfect gift to hand down to future generations. Lastly and living up to its name “Made in Texas,” everything is hand cut, stitched and laced at Nokona’s American Manufacturing Plant in Nocona, Texas.

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